NCPTW at 40: Where are we now?

Though many things have changed in the forty years since the first National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing in 1984, key issues and questions from the concurrent sessions at the very first NCPTW conference would be familiar to an attendee in 2024. In 2024, we’re still considering how to engage with students in the complexity of their lived experiences and we’re still thinking about how technology is part of our work, but our specific concerns have changed somewhat over time. The concept of peer tutoring has grown, not only in writing centers but also in what is now known as student support services more broadly and that has affected our work. Specific aspects of identity have come to the forefront of our work in new ways. We’re more likely to be thinking about the effects of AI on our work than on whether students are using a personal computer to do their composing for class. And, of course, we are continuing to evolve from a pandemic that challenged the work of peer tutoring and of our institutions themselves. What hasn’t changed is the belief that peer tutors have much to offer to each other and that there is great benefit in offering a conference that enables these important connections.

Come join together

Enjoy in-person exchange with peer tutors and writing center professionals from around the country, in beautiful Tacoma, Washington!


Discover new questions and ideas to enrich your writing or learning center praxis!


Reconnect with colleagues and meet new ones–whether this is your first NCPTW or your 40th!


Walk down to the Puget Sound and look for a harbor seal, look up at Mt. Rainier, or visit a museum, all within blocks of the conference!

You’ll Like Tacoma
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NCPTW will be held on the University of Washington-Tacoma campus, which is located in downtown Tacoma in an inviting and architecturally appealing group of repurposed warehouse buildings. There are several hotels within easy walking distance with rooms reserved for the conference, as well as restaurants and shops and museums.

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