NCPTW 2020 Online Registration Open

Registration for the NCPTW 2020 Online Gathering, on Friday, October 30, 2-5 PM Eastern Daylight Time is now open

NCPTW presentations will be posted online by Monday, October 26 at, and the gathering on Zoom on the 30th will be an opportunity for participants to gather in small breakout rooms to discuss the presentations and exchange ideas. We hope that the online format will enable even wider participation than in a typical NCPTW, and the breakout sessions are designed to facilitate the same kind of intimate conversations that are an important part of NCPTW conferences.

Using this form, please register for the gathering on October 30. Individuals may register, or writing center directors can register for their entire center. It is necessary to register to receive the Zoom link, which will go out early next week to all registrants. 

We will spend a few minutes in plenary at the top of each hour, and from there, we will then disperse each hour into breakout groups for thematic conversation:

2:00-2:10 EDT Welcome to NCPTW 2020 Online 

2:10-2:50 EDT Breakout rooms on Structuring Our Centers: Writing Center Design, Tutor Education, and Campus Outreach (How does the design of our centers, our daily practices, our tutor education, and our means of outreach through social media and other venues impact our work? What will we take from these pandemic times into our future practice?)

2:50-3:00 EDT BREAK

3:00-3:10 EDT Overview of participating writing centers 

3:10-3:50 EDT Breakout rooms on Social Justice and the Writing Center (How can writing centers be sites of active, informed, and forward-looking work that engages with social justice praxis?)

3:50-4:00 EDT BREAK

4:00-4:10 EDT Looking forward to NCPTW 2021 Pittsburgh 

4:10-4:50 EDT Breakout rooms on Listening to and Engaging with Our Writers (What writers come—and don’t come—to the writing center, and how can our work be attentive to the variety of identities and needs writers embody?)

Participants are welcome to join when they can. To preserve the continuity of conversation in the breakout rooms, those who join after the start of breakout sessions each hour can participate in conversation in the main room until the start of the next breakout session. 

Looking forward to seeing you on the 30th on Zoom!

Mike Mattison, president (
Randall Monty, past president (
Andrea Efthymiou, treasurer (
Julie Christoph, secretary (
Maggie Herb, program coordinator (

Clint Gardner, web master (