The NCPTW Web Developer is seeking people interested in contributing to the site and to serve on an Editorial Board. If you are interested in serving, please contact Clint Gardner at

The purpose of the NCPTW website is to serve as a resource of information for those interested in the conference and in peer tutoring in writing in general. Editorial Board


  • Clint Gardner (Editor)


  • Maintain day-to-day operations of NCPTW website
  • Recruit Editorial Board members
  • Coordinate Editorial Board meetings
  • Implement editorial policies
  • Promote website participation both by readers and authors


  • Julie N. Christoph
  • Maggie Herb
  • Mike Mattison


  1. Give guidance on the overall look & feel of the site as well as accessibility
  2. Suggest content needs and structures
  3. Recruit authors to write news/blog posts from peer tutors and writing center professionals
  4. Add news/blog posts on subjects relevant to NCTPW activities
  5. Promote the website
  6. Determine editorial policies